Performance Coaching

the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right time™.

We guide our clients to break free from limiting beliefs and shift to new paradigms for greater effectiveness. This means slowing down in some areas and accelerating in others.

Our combination of technical know-how and focus on the human potential enables organizations and individuals to achieve Effort-Less Effectiveness™ for a life of purpose with less stress.

Technical Know How

We have experience in the following domains.

∙ Executive coaching

∙ Mergers and acquisitions

∙ Leadership evaluation and training

∙ Organizational culture development

∙ Voice of customer (VOC)

∙ Go-to market strategies

∙ Lead generation strategies

∙ Global strategic pricing

∙ New product pricing

∙ Product life cycle management

∙ Value-based selling

As a Professional Coach, Stéphane combines years of experience in the Med-Tech space with a bright mind and heart and genuine care for the individual, making his guidance relevant both professionally and also personally. It is with a changed inner dialogue, as a result of working together, that is giving me more patience, inspiration and compassion in my workplace along with increased clarity about how to productively influence situations that are challenging and could lead to loss for the company - whether that is loss of revenue, loss of a project or loss of personnel.

Working with Stéphane is protective for the mind and heart and therefore business. I recommend working with Stéphane for anyone wishing to achieve increased clarity, vision and productivity in any work environment.

Marie Terrill
Director, Product Management, Persyst

Human Potential

Manage and Lead in a Way that Inspires.

∙ Organizational excellence

∙ Vision and mission building

∙ Leadership culture development

∙ Communication best-practices

∙ Effective meetings

∙ Team alignment

Achieve a Breakthrough Transformation

Get introduced to the concepts of Peak Performance™ that will guide you step by step to achieve a state of Effort-Less Effectiveness™.

You will find a recipe to rediscover and reconnect to your vision and inspire people to join you in reaching it with engagement and in alignment for greater results with less stress.

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