Leadership Think-Tank

An Open Space for Reflection, Ideation, and Strategy

A 2-1/2 day intimate experience to learn the secrets to achieving Peak Performance™ with Effort-Less Effectiveness™, and living a life of purpose with reduced stress.

Receive strategic advice and get solutions to the issues that keep you up at night in a safe setting.

What you will experience

Space and time to explore ideas and strategies in a safe environment

• Space and time to explore ideas and strategies in a safe environment

• Access to thought leaders with unbiased feedback

• Mastermind discussions

• Hot-seat discussions

• Reflection time

• Follow-up process

Programmed Activities

• Calm the mind to get grounded and focused before performing

• Authenticity to lead with the heart

• Design a clearer vision and mission that inspire and enable action

• Instill belief in self and others

• Develop a mind map and vision board focused on heart-centered leadership

• Strategy deployment

• Accountability tool

What you will receive

Integrate practices of Peak Performance™ in your daily routine.

• Get clarity to what gives you purpose and fulfillment

Recognize your heart-centered leadership

Manage and lead your self and others more effectively

The recipe to achieve a state of Effort-Less Effectiveness™

A breakthrough transformation to achieve Peak Performance™

Topics of discussion:

• Let go of old paradigms that are slowing you down

• Leverage your inner-powers to enable Peak Performance™

• Calm the mind at will to regain focus on what matters

• Align your conscious and subconscious minds to what you want

• Communicate more effectively to achieve your objectives

• Prime yourself daily to perform better

• Inject continuous improvement into your routine

We aspire to help you improve in the following areas

• Awareness of limiting beliefs and practices

• Instill Self-belief

• Inject a mindset of excellence

• Communicate effectively

• Organizational Alignment

• Activity management

• Greater Fulfillment

• Peace of mind

• Better Sleep

Achieve a Breakthrough Transformation

Get introduced to the concepts of Peak Performance™ that will guide you step by step to achieve a state of Effort-Less Effectiveness™.

You will find a recipe to rediscover and reconnect to your vision and inspire people to join you in reaching it with engagement and in alignment for greater results with less stress.

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