Our Vision

We guide people to self-transformation in becoming heart-centered leaders.

We are a leading-edge partner in the development of individual and organizational performance by enabling and empowering your full potential. We consider the human-factor as a key priority to achieve beyond expectations.

We work through four principles towards vision community

• Leader initiated

• Shared and supported

• Detailed and comprehensive

• Positive and inspiring

Our aim is to help our clients along their strategic journey to a breakthrough transformation where your effort is maximized and stress is minimized.

We are dedicated to empowering people to achieve Peak Performance™ by using the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right time™ to consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Mission

To enable our clients to achieve Peak Performance™

We are a world class partner that focuses on coaching and facilitating co-created solutions. We enable our clients to achieve excellence through Peak Performance™

We partner with our clients and provide:

• Situation analysis

• Strategy development

• Co-creation of desired solutions

• Implementation follow-up

• Training and coaching

Our insights improve your top line and bottom line for maximum effectiveness and optimal use of resources.

We partner with you through your journey from pain island to pleasure island. . .

From struggling with issues that hinder your progress to excelling at levels to which you aspire.

Our Values


Trust is the foundation of all great achievements. It enables people to engage, drive and accomplish to the fullest possible extent by unconditionally aligning to a common purpose. We strive to be trustworthy in everything we do.


We welcome new ideas. They are the seed of all innovation and the key to optimized results. We take pride in promoting "Out of the box" thinking.


Our approach values a joint effort to produce solutions that are custom-tailored to the need of the client. We believe that our coaching is the X-factor guiding and facilitating the best possible results.


Honesty and strong moral principles act as our guardrails in our daily lives; our word is our badge of honor. We believe that the “concept of family” applies equally to our relatives, our friends, our clients and their clients. Family integrity is the foundation of our daily engagement and success.


Genuine respect allows everyone involved to be engaged and contribute, knowing that their input is welcomed and valued. We see respect for the person as a mutually shared advantage.


We value a pleasant work environment. We enjoy the growth process, celebrate little wins in a specific and timely manner, and invite fun in our interactions. We believe that people thrive and are the best they can be when they live in a positive environment.

Our Team


Stéphane Joanis

The Catalyst

Raymond Perras (Coach P)

The Master Coach

Michael Nemergut

The Heart-Centered Leader

Our Experience and Partners

I've worked with Stéphane on several projects involving business development and new product development. Stéphane been a key part of our team, helping to identify new markets, quantify market potential, determine customer needs and work with partners on new business opportunities. His contributions have been meaningful to our business and have helped our company scale up in a time of growth. He has excellent business knowledge and data analysis skills.

Dr. John Seelenbinder

Analytical Chemist, Vibrational Spectroscopist, and Business Development Specialist, 908 Devices

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