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Stéphane came in to help our small business get a grasp of our pricing situation. With labor costs, raw material costs, and inflation all on the rise, we felt like we were in a rough situation in determining how to adjust our prices to help offset these costs, and how to communicate those prices to clients. That's where SJ Performance came in. Stéphane was able to guide us from a qualitative perspective of when the best time for us to raise prices and how to set up a process of revisiting pricing multiple times a year. He visited our office and worked hands on with our front office staff and engineers to improve their pricing and customer communication skills. In particular, our staff valued the fact that Stéphane was previously an engineer and could relate and speak to them in technical terms and wasn't just a "spreadsheet guy".

Stéphane also helped us from a quantitative perspective by digging into our pricing and product data, identifying where we had potential for pricing increases, and helping us set new target prices for various products.

Overall, I appreciate the work Stéphane provided for our company - he was flexible, easy to work with, and responsive. I would highly recommend his team for anyone that needs pricing support.

Ryan Steffen

Manager at Deloitte Consulting / NorthField Precision Instruments

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