I have had the pleasure of working closely with Stéphane for two years, I can confidently attest to his unwavering dedication to delivering insightful and data-driven solutions.

Stéphane's proficiency in market analysis is truly commendable. He possesses a keen eye for identifying emerging trends and opportunities, allowing our team to make informed decisions that have consistently resulted in increased market share and business growth. His ability to gather and interpret market data with precision has been invaluable in driving successful strategic initiatives.

Furthermore, Stéphane's expertise in customer insight has been instrumental in enhancing our understanding of customer behavior and preferences. He employs a meticulous approach to gather customer feedback and conduct in-depth research, enabling us to tailor our products and services to meet the unique needs of our target audience.

Jonathan Frattaroli

Chairman and CEO, RedWave Technology

I just wanted to thank you for doing the pricing workshop with the team.

I heard tremendous feedback from the sales team saying it was the best pricing workshop they had ever attended.

Pretty impressive! Thanks again!

Lisa Witte

Sr. Vice President and President Customer Channels Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Stéphane came in to help our small business get a grasp of our pricing situation. With labor costs, raw material costs, and inflation all on the rise, we felt like we were in a rough situation in determining how to adjust our prices to help offset these costs, and how to communicate those prices to clients. That's where SJ Performance came in. Stéphane was able to guide us from a qualitative perspective of when the best time for us to raise prices and how to set up a process of revisiting pricing multiple times a year. He visited our office and worked hands on with our front office staff and engineers to improve their pricing and customer communication skills. In particular, our staff valued the fact that Stéphane was previously an engineer and could relate and speak to them in technical terms and wasn't just a "spreadsheet guy".

Overall, I appreciate the work Stéphane provided for our company - he was flexible, easy to work with, and responsive. I would highly recommend his team for anyone that needs pricing support.

Ryan Steffen

Manager at Deloitte Consulting / NorthField Precision Instruments

Ray and his colleagues have given an inspiring description of the new leadership principles. You must read, not to confirm the content you already know, rather to contemplate how you would use the ten principles to create contextual clarity for your people. You can be a “different” leader tomorrow with this book as your guide.

Tom Wentz, President Corporate Performance Systems Inc.

One of Stéphane’s most remarkable qualities is his talent for effectively translating leadership's vision and requirements into actionable tasks for the team. He seamlessly integrated management's vision with the project's technical requirements, ensuring complete alignment and fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Stéphane's exceptional communication skills were a true asset to our team. Whether conveying intricate data concepts or presenting project updates to stakeholders, he had an innate ability to articulate complex ideas in a clear and understandable manner. This played a crucial role in maintaining open channels of communication and building strong relationships with everyone involved.

John Maltais

Sr. Staff Data Architect / Business Intelligence Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Outward progress is a result of inward growth.

In working with Stéphane now for about a year as a professional coach, I have noticed that I have a greater capacity at work to deal with challenging situations along with a greater perspective. Stéphane has consistently been my advocate and mentor, challenging me to create and maintain a vision, not only for my products and company, but also for myself. His approach simultaneously works to improve inner dialogue while also identifying real tools (whether emotional or practical) for solving problems and creating vision.

As a Professional Coach, Stéphane combines years of experience in the Med-Tech space with a bright mind and heart and genuine care for the individual, making his guidance relevant both professionally and also personally. It is with a changed inner dialogue, as a result of working together, that is giving me more patience, inspiration and compassion in my workplace along with increased clarity about how to productively influence situations that are challenging and could lead to loss for the company - whether that is loss of revenue, loss of a project or loss of personnel.

Working with Stéphane is protective for the mind and heart and therefore business. I recommend working with Stéphane for anyone wishing to achieve increased clarity, vision and productivity in any work environment.

Marie Terrill
Director, Product Management, Persyst

I've worked with Stéphane on several projects involving business development and new product development. Stéphane been a key part of our team, helping to identify new markets, quantify market potential, determine customer needs and work with partners on new business opportunities. His contributions have been meaningful to our business and have helped our company scale up in a time of growth. He has excellent business knowledge and data analysis skills.

Stéphane provides very good communication and excellent customer service. He continually checks that his contribution is providing value to the business and always works with the highest integrity.

Dr. John Seelenbinder
Analytical Chemist, Vibrational Spectroscopist, and Business Development Specialist, 908 Devices

Mike has been the best VP Global Commercial I have ever worked with, his passion for being close to clients, understanding their problems and helping them solve them has been encouraging to me.

His strong commercial pace to accomplish, first and overpass then the commercial targets, pushed CAD business three or four steps beyond. He has helped to some of us, part of his team, to develop and find the way to growth within the company, encouraging us to take new challenges, greater risks and increase our responsibility;

for me it has been an excellent business coach. I would choose again and again to be part of Mike's team, over any other chance.

Manuel Lecona

Commercial Director & Country Manager Mexico PerkinElmer

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